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Sailboats - Monohull

Sun Odyssey 33i - "min elli"
Sun Odyssey 33i2011 / Monohull
9.96 m
"min elli"
Bavaria Cruiser 34 (2cab) - "Little Joe"
Bavaria Cruiser 34 (2cab)2017 / Monohull
10.71 m
"Little Joe"
Bavaria Cruiser 37 (3Cab) - "Bea"
Bavaria Cruiser 37 (3Cab)2016 / Monohull
11.30 m
Sun Odyssey 379 (3Cab) - "Talea"
Sun Odyssey 379 (3Cab)2012 / Monohull
11.34 m
Sun Odyssey 379 (2Cab) - "b´elli"
Sun Odyssey 379 (2Cab)2012 / Monohull
11.34 m
Sun Odyssey 389 (3Cab) - "sun elli"
Sun Odyssey 389 (3Cab)2017 / Monohull
11.35 m
"sun elli"
Hanse 400 (3Cab) - "Tierra Negra"
Hanse 400 (3Cab)2007 / Monohull
12.10 m
"Tierra Negra"
Bavaria Cruiser 41 (3Cab) - "Summer Elli"
Bavaria Cruiser 41 (3Cab)2018 / Monohull
12.35 m
"Summer Elli"
Hanse 418 (3cab) - "Laysan"
Hanse 418 (3cab)2018 / Monohull
12.39 m
Sun Odyssey 419 (3Cab) - "Mango Tango"
Sun Odyssey 419 (3Cab)2019 / Monohull
12.76 m
"Mango Tango"
Sun Odyssey 419 (3Cab) - "Delphinus"
Sun Odyssey 419 (3Cab)2019 / Monohull
12.76 m
Sun Odyssey 42 DS (2Cab) - "Calameka"
Sun Odyssey 42 DS (2Cab)2011 / Monohull
12.93 m
Oceanis 43 (4Cab) - "Selma"
Oceanis 43 (4Cab)2010 / Monohull
13.10 m
Jeanneau 449 - "Fabiano"
Jeanneau 4492018 / Monohull
13.76 m
Sun Odyssey 469 (4Cab) - "Nomia"
Sun Odyssey 469 (4Cab)2013 / Monohull
14.05 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Elpida"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Aruna"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Veseo"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Jono"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Lucia"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria Cruiser 46 (4Cab) - "Blizzard"
Bavaria Cruiser 46 (4Cab)2017 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Allegro"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab) - "Cristina"
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (4Cab)2008 / Monohull
14.19 m
Bavaria Cruiser 45 (4Cab) - "Big Apple"
Bavaria Cruiser 45 (4Cab)2011 / Monohull
14.27 m
"Big Apple"
Sun Odyssey 49i (4Cab) - "Anna"
Sun Odyssey 49i (4Cab)2011 / Monohull
14.97 m
Jeanneau 53 (5Cab) - "Madeleine"
Jeanneau 53 (5Cab)2011 / Monohull
16.05 m
Jeanneau 53 (4Cab) - "Trinity"
Jeanneau 53 (4Cab)2013 / Monohull
16.54 m
Hanse 575 (4Cab) - "Grace of Sweden"
Hanse 575 (4Cab)2013 / Monohull
17.14 m
"Grace of Sweden"

Sailboats - Catamarans

Lagoon 380 (4Cab) - "laurelli"
Lagoon 380 (4Cab)2010 / Catamaran
11.60 m
Lagoon 380 (4Cab) - "Mr. T."
Lagoon 380 (4Cab)2019 / Catamaran
11.60 m
"Mr. T."
Lagoon 380 (4Cab) - "Daiquiri"
Lagoon 380 (4Cab)2019 / Catamaran
11.60 m
Nautitech 40 (4Cab) - "nomelli"
Nautitech 40 (4Cab)2015 / Catamaran
11.97 m
Bali 4.0 (3Cab) - "Nicole"
Bali 4.0 (3Cab)2017 / Catamaran
11.97 m
4.67 / 5 = Very Good
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latest by "Benjamin" on 22 Jun 2019
Sail from our base Primosten Marina Kremik northwestward to the wonderful national park of Kornati Archipelago or southward to beautiful islands like Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula etc.

Marina Kremik is located 2 km south of the wonderful town Primosten in a beautiful well protected bay. The Marina Kremik is a cosy port offering all facilites.

The old town of Primosten is as nice and worth a visit. From the church place at the topmost point in Primosten you have a great view over the whole Kornati Islands. In the Marina you find a little Market and a restaurant. In Primosten you find excellent shopping facilities. The transfer from the airport Trogir/Split to Primosten takes about 20 minutes. Arrivals from airport Zadar count to about one hour and a half by taxi. Travelling by car you can take the new highway to Zadar/Split unto the exit Sibenik and than follow the national road along the coast to Primosten. 

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From Marina Kremik in Primosten you can quickly reach the Kornati islands or at the beautiful southern islands (Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula etc.). We don’t want to propose itineraries, because it always depends on wind and weather where to go. But anyway, here some suggestions:

Rava (Rava)
Directly in front of the restaurant “Villa Rava” you can find a nice small pier  and there are also some buoys in the bay. The restaurand is excellent, friendly service and moderate prices.

Telascica (Dugi Otok)
This is a very big and well protected bay with several possibilities for berthing (buoys). Dugi Otok is famous for its saltlake in the south of the bay (870m above sea level).

Vrulje (Kornat)
Vrulje is the biggest settlement on the island. Famous is the restaurant “Ante”. From the hill you have a fantastic overview over the islands.

Opat (Kornat)
In the bay are some buoys and small piers. Here you also have some restaurants (but very expensive).

ACI Marina Piskera
This is the only marina in the Kornati islands with very friendly service and beautiful surroundings. On the other side of the bay is a restaurant.

Zirje (Vela Stupica)
In the southeastern part of the island is this bay with some buoys for yachts and a small restaurant “Konoba” which is managed by a fisherman and his wife. From the small hill you have an impressing panorama.

This small town has a brandnew luxory marina. You have some nice restaurants in the town and along the town pier there are bars and cafes.

Worth seing are the waterfalls of the river Krka. From Sibenik (impressing old town) you sail the river to the marina Skradin. From here you have to take taxi boats to the waterfalls. In Skradin are several good restaurants.

Veli Drvenik
A very nice, small harbour on the island. There is a small pier without moorings, water and electicity (still under construction and maybe finished for the season 2005). The calm little town has some nice restaurants. Veli Drvenik is a very good Stopover to sail the next day to Trogir.

Trogir has a very modern marina directly opposite the old fort of the town. Within a short walk over an old stonebridge you are in the worth seing old town of Trogir. In the high season there are a lot of tourists in Trogir.
Maslinica (Solta)
Also a very nice small harbour with a pier directly in front of an old renovated Palazzo. Here you have moorings, electricity and water. Inside the Palazzo is a hotel with a very good (but expensive) restaurant. In the town you have also some small and nice restaurants.

Bobovisca (Brac)
If you don’t want to go to the Marina Milna, Bobovisca is a very good alternative. A nice and small harbour with moorings, electricity and water.

Hvar (Marina Palmizana)
The old town of Hvar is well worth seeing with it’s old fortification. Near the town there are no protected berths. The best is to go on the opposit side (Sv. Klement), here you can find a very nice marina (Palmizana). There is a taxi boat shuttle from here to Hvar. On the other side of the marina you can find a nice bay (Perna).

Here you can find a Marina (ACI) Korcula is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia. The picturesque old town is located on an peninsula, surrounded by mediaeval city walls. On the island of Korcula you can also find some nice bays (e.g. Tri Luke)
Bisevo (near Vis)
Vis is the farthest island from the Croatian land. Very famous and worth seeing is the “blue grotto” . There are also some nice (but not well protected) bays on other small islands e.g. Budikovac. 

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